Links to other CP/M resources

John Elliott's homepage (CP/M Main Page)
Software, information, and links for CP/M, GEM, the PCW and Sinclair Spectrum.

Digital Research History and Documents, by Herb Johnson
Comprehensive information about the status of CP/M and Digital Research Software, the various CP/M flavours and a list of manuals and disks available from him.

The Commercial CP/M Archive
Big collection of CP/M software, including disk images of various Operating System disks.
Public server of containing various CP/M downloads, including the ZNODE 51 BBS files.

Software for the Operating systems SCP(CP/M) and CP/A (in German)
SCP and CP/A were East German (GDR) CP/M clones designed for the U880 (z80 clone) based Robotron machines.

Digital Research Home
Everything about DR, Gary Kildall, and CP/M.

z80 and CP/M-based homebrew systems.
Also diskless systems running CP/M.

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